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Davy Goessens
Founder, SilentMedia

What measures are you taking against burnouts today?

In Belgium, tens of thousands of people are absent from work every year due to burnout. There are no precise figures because burnouts are classified as "mental disorders". They are added together to other conditions such as depression. What we are sure of is that the number is increasing every year, and burnouts are undoubtedly the cause. The cost for health insurance and employers is sky high. Colleagues must take over the tasks, which means that they themselves experience more pressure. Replacers are sometimes searched but rarely found.

How does The Happiness Machine help ?

"The happiness machine" is a mobile escape game where the participants are made aware of what exactly makes them happy in the workplace. Behavior is a very subjective matter, getting tips and tricks is very easy, applying them is another matter. By jointly solving physical puzzles in which the tips are incorporated, they are better absorbed and processed. You play the game together with 3 other colleagues with whom you will have to stay in close contact to bring everything to a successful conclusion. Because of the interaction with each other you can also talk again later. An experience together is something different than a PowerPoint presentation.

How to use ?

The happiness machine can be used as part of a team building day. We can easily add a competitive aspect between multiple teams. Yup. Time.

You can offer certain teams from the organization this as a small course. Think especially of groups that someone dropped out as a result of a burn out.
Let them explore the fun factor of the machine. In a loose and open atmosphere.
After the monthly dinner or activity? Nice as a dessert.

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